Trimeltech Co., Ltd.

We are a professional melt-blown fabric manufacturer with decades of experience in melt-blown nonwoven production and filter material application development. We pursue the best protective efficiency and ensure providing the stable, reliable, and efficient filter material with prudent management and quality control for safeguarding people’s healthy life to breathe clean air. We offer various customized solutions with the best filter material, bringing you with a trusted partnership with professionalism and integrity.


Perfection We Insist 

Trimeltech’s melt-blown fabric is a meticulous work produced by each delicate craftsman. It’s not just a simple blowing process but it consists of a complex combination of parameters including; equipment, stream pressure, temperature, and operating speed. The skillful craftsman possesses the capability to maneuver and provide precise permutation to loom a suitable filter material that fits various applications of filtrations.

Together We Will Go

The wide range applications of melt-blown fabric such as Air filters, Liquid filters, Water/Oil absorbent nonwovens. It serves as a protection of human’s every breath, every drop of water and every clean resource, which deeply affects our lives.
In the pipeline to cleaner future endeavor, TRIMELTECH is the most infallible and steadfast partner for you to create a new beginning in your ideal and healthy life.